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A Meltdown Moment – Psalm 6:1-3

Psalm 6:1-3 People love meltdowns…from a distance.  For many, the highlight of a baseball game, especially for fans of a losing team, is watching as a player or manager loses his cool with an umpire.  The ensuing argument provides entertainment and usually brings the crowd to life, and it only escalates the situation when the […]

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God of My Righteousness – Psalm 4:1

Psalm 4:1 Septuagint Translation COMPLETELY, WITH STRINGED INSTRUMENTS, A SONG OF DAVID 1Listen to me when I call, God of my righteousness;             show affection to me in my affliction;             have compassion on me and give ear to my prayer. We are tempted to ask ourselves, “How could David approach God with such audacity?”  It […]

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Failed Alliteration Friday

No “Focus Friday” today because I’m not actually asking any questions for the purpose of refining the blog.  We’ll review the shorter posts and new format for the Bible studies next week when we have more of a sample size to work with. On to the Links: Two articles from Answers in Genesis this week do […]

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Responding to Psalm 2

For the entire study on Psalm 2, here is verses 1-3, verses 4-6, verses 7-9, and verses 10-12. I have to admit that even as a conservative, confessional Lutheran, there are times when I don’t take Martin Luther very seriously.  Luther is nothing if not a product of his own times.  If he wants to […]

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The Sweet Embrace – Psalm 2:10-12

Psalm 2:10-12 (For the first three installments on this study of Psalm 2, click here, here, and here) First Impressions The conclusion of this psalm begins with a “therefore”, just as in Psalm 1.  Whereas the “therefore” in Psalm 1 served as a summary statement, the “therefore” in Psalm 2 prescribes the appropriate response to the […]

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Christus Rex – Psalm 2:7-9

Psalm 2:7-9 (For the first two studies on Psalm 2, click here and here) First Impressions Verse seven marks a change in the point of view of the narration.  In verse six, God is speaking in response to the nations opposing Him.  In verse seven, the King whom God established is now speaking.  What the King […]

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God Responds to His Enemies – Psalm 2:4-6

Psalm 2:4-6 (For the first installment on this psalm, click here) First Impressions David moves from the planned opposition of God’s enemies to God’s personal response to all of their plans.  His response should be encouraging to believers everywhere and utterly terrifying to His enemies. What does God do in response to the plans of those […]

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The Problem of Persecution – Psalm 2:1-3

Psalm 2:1-3  First Impressions The psalm starts out with a rhetorical question.  The translation note in the NET (New English Translation) Bible reads, “The question is rhetorical. Rather than seeking information, the psalmist expresses his outrage that the nations would have the audacity to rebel against God and his chosen king.”[1]  The psalmist (King David, […]

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Psalm 1:5-6

Psalm 1:5-6 (For the first two installments on this psalm, click here and here) First Impressions In wrapping up the first Psalm, we take a look at the summary statement that is verse five and six.  Verse five begins with the word “therefore”, and as many of us have heard in the past, it’s good […]

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Psalm 1:3-4

Psalm 1:3-4 (for the first post on this psalm, click here)  First Impressions The psalmist makes a transition from focusing on the wicked, the man who is not blessed, to describing the godly, the blessed man.  A very interesting aspect of verse three is the direct comparison made between the godly and the wicked. The comparison […]

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