A Quick Update

Apologies again for the sporadic posting.  As we start the ministry year (it’s not like we stop ministry in the summer, but you know what I mean), I’m getting used to a new schedule.  This week has been especially hectic with three lessons needing to be prepared, a home visitation, and a morning/afternoon spent at AFLBS.

I am not going to be stopping posting all together, but for the next two months or so, the posts are going to have a little bit more time between them.  Between all of the above activities and moving into a new house, my plate is full.  I’m hoping to get a couple of Psalms posts up each week and Forum Friday will be a regular post regardless.  Once November/December rolls around, I think I can ramp up the posting to a more regular level again.

Thanks for your patience, and keep studying God’s Word!

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