Forum Friday

Trying out a new feature here – Polls! (Oh, the excitement!)

Anyway, my question to you all this week is which format do you prefer for the Bible studies here at Ophelimos?  The first two psalms were more in detail but longer posts.  Psalms 3 & 4 were shorter posts, but a little less detailed.  Or perhaps neither post is really working for you, and you think I should try something different altogether.  If that’s the case, a suggestion sure would be appreciated.

I’m still achieving one of my initial goals for blogging, which would be to improve my own personal Bible study times.  But I realize there are some out there who may also be benefiting from this study.  That is why I ask for your feedback.  If there’s a way I can improve the experience here, I will try very sincerely to do just that.

On to the links…

  • This article from the White Horse Inn blog talks about the dangers of mixing church and business principles.
  • Tullian Tchividjian writes about our need to be constantly doing, which places the Gospel in danger in our own lives.
  • Here is the second installment of R.C. Sproul’s series on Satan.  This one was even better than the first.
  • An excellent primer by John Starke on how to handle the authority and teaching of the Creeds and Councils of the ancient church.
That’s all, folks.  Have a great weekend!

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