Forum Friday

“Forum Friday” is going to be a new (adjusted) feature here at Ophelimos each Friday.  Rather than continue with “Focus Friday”, I decided that “Forum Friday” captures what I’m trying to do with this space a little better.  Plus, it allows me to keep up the alliteration factor, which as a pastor always tickles my fancy.

Anyway, the idea of a forum, according to several definitions from is “open discussion”.  There’s a lot of value to be had in open discussion, as long as it’s done in the right way.

From time-to-time, I’ll be using this space for discussion on the blog itself, whether it be new features you would like to see, adjustments to current features, such as the Psalms Bible study, or the content of specific articles.  I’ll also be regularly sharing the links to articles I’ve read throughout the week, which I’ve been doing all along.

Finally, I’d like to see it be an avenue for people to share what’s on their mind, especially about the topic of Bible study, which is the focus of Ophelimos.  If you’ve read an article that I missed, share it in the comments.  If you have a blog you think I or anyone else should be reading, let us know.  And, as always, if you’re reluctant to share something publicly, you can always shoot me an e-mail at jason[dot]gudim[at]gmail[dot]com.

We have an unprecedented opportunity to exchange information in the Internet age, and there’s no reason we can’t take that captive for Christ and use it to the glory of His name and the advancement of His Kingdom.

On to the links.  Light reading this week, as I have been almost completely swamped.

  • For you Indiana Jones fans out there, Answers in Genesis posted a Q&A about the Ark of the Covenant.  The important idea to pick up from this article is not the answer itself, but the reliance on Scripture the author displays throughout.
  • As a sports fan, I found this article on Tim Tebow, blasphemy, and having your faith placed under scrutiny from the public even more interesting than I normally would have.
  • Finally, R.C. Sproul is starting a series entitled Satan the Proud and Powerful on the blog at Ligonier Ministries.  The first post in this series was a good read, and I am very excited for the rest of the series.
That’s it for now.  Did I miss anything this week?

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