Failed Alliteration Friday

No “Focus Friday” today because I’m not actually asking any questions for the purpose of refining the blog.  We’ll review the shorter posts and new format for the Bible studies next week when we have more of a sample size to work with.

On to the Links:

  • Two articles from Answers in Genesis this week do a good job of topical Bible Study.  The first deals with a well-known proverb, and the second addresses a potential conflict about praying in public.
  • More nepotism from me, as my sister Katelyn looks at weddings in a way that is entirely appropriate for a 19 year-old.
  • I’m finding that I like the writing at The Gospel Coalition more and more.  As a Lutheran, it’s important to filter through the Calvinism, but when you’re properly dividing the word of truth, I’m going to be fed by it.  This week, I enjoyed articles that covered Martin Luther’s teaching on marriage and character and a post about the sin of insecurity.
  • Michael Horton at the White Horse Inn identifies the correct issue to address concerning strengthening and not losing your faith in college.
  • Tullian Tchividjian (who also writes at The Gospel Coalition) does an excellent job applying Luther’s teaching on vocation.
If any of you have suggestions for good blogs/articles that I’m apparently overlooking, just shoot me an e-mail or drop something in the comments.  I’m always looking for more reading material.

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